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  • Curly Willow-Green

    Deep sage green at the base and on thicker stems and olive green towards the tips. The super tall single stems of Curly Willow are only available in the green color. They are beautifully contorted trees. Busy and branchy at the top, a twisted clean trunk about halfway up, ends are roughly 3″ in diameter. Sage to olive green color on the one to two years worth of growth, usually darker at the tips or the newer growth. These do require extra shipping charges.

    PRICE PER BUNCH: $5.00/tips; $6/small; $7/medium; $10/tall; $30/single stem super tall
    PRICE PER BALE: $100/tips; $60/small; $70/medium; $100/tall; $30/super tall
    STEMS PER BUNCH: 10-12/tips; 10/small; 5-7/medium; 3-4/tall; 1/super tall
    BUNCHES PER BALE: tips: 20 bunches/bale; all others: 10x/bale
    GRADE:  tips, small, medium, tall and super tall single stems
    LENGTH: 2-3′ tips; 3-4′ small; 4-5′ medium; 6-8’+ tall; 10-12′ super tall

  • Curly Willow-Red

    Mother Nature does wonders on the red color in our “Scarlet Curls” variety of Curly Willow, deep glossy copper colored bark and contorted stems. Our product is always fresh enough to bend and shape without treating it in some manner. Yes, I know, it is only Curly Willow, but it will be the nicest you’ve seen!

    PRICE PER BUNCH: $5.00/tips; $6/small; $7/medium; $10/tall
    PRICE PER BALE: $100/tips; $60/small; $70/medium; $100/tall
    STEMS PER BUNCH: 12/tips; 10/small; 5-7/medium; 3-4/tall
    BUNCHES PER BALE: 20x/bale on tips and 10 bunches per bale all other sizes
    GRADE: tips, small, medium and tall
    LENGTH: 2-3′ tips; 3-4′ small; 4-5′ medium; 6-8’+ tall

  • Fantail Willow-Winter Branches

    The Fantail Willow at this time of the year is dormant and the stems are brown and defoliated. Once we get into late January we will cut these stems and get them into our forcing room to get the multitude of small white catkins to emerge on the contorted stems. With the increased usage of these stems as design-minded orchid stakes we sometimes have a hard time keeping up with demand. Also, as more and more consumers are introduced to these stems demand has increased along with their exposure. Salix sachalinensis is an interesting landscape plant; large and dense it almost has a tropical look to it in the summer. Only about 20% of the plant will grow the desired fasciated stems so harvest is much more labor intensive than other decorative branches. Each stem must be located from within the mass of stems and individually removed.

    PRICE PER BUNCH: short/$7; tall/$9; extra tall/$11
    PRICE PER BALE: short/$70; tall/$90; extra tall/$110
    STEMS PER BUNCH: short 10 stems; tall 5-7 stems; extra tall 5 stems
    BUNCHES PER BALE: 10 bunches per bale; 40x per Full box
    GRADE: short, tall, extra tall
    LENGTH: 2-4’/short; 3-4’/tall; 4-5’/extra tall

  • Forsythia

    Since we are in zone 4 we are somewhat limited with our options for blooming branches. Forsythia is a perennially reliable crop for us and we do quite well with it. All of our branches are two years worth of growth, not harvested every year, so there is considerable branching, generally heavy stems, loads of flower buds. We will force these to the point of green or perhaps yellow petals visible in the bud but not yet open. In colder times of winter we don’t force to such an open stage as they’ll be more protected from cold temps during transport in a more immature stage.

    PRICE PER BUNCH: $6/tips; $6.50/medium; $9/tall; $11/extra tall
    PRICE PER BALE: $60/tips; $65/medium; $90/tall; $110/extra tall
    STEMS PER BUNCH: 10/tips; 5-7/medium; 5/tall; 3-5/extra tall
    BUNCHES PER BALE: 10x per bale; all grades
    GRADE:  tips, medium, tall and extra tall
    LENGTH: 2-3′ tips; 3-4′ medium; 5′ tall; 6-8′ extra tall

  • Hosta Foliage

    An incredibly durable item that continues to grow dramatically in use. We have many sizes and color variations and are continually expanding our offerings with this great crop. Bunches with large leaves will have slightly fewer stems than bunches with smaller leaves. You can specify certain color combos and we will do what we can to meet your requests.

    PRICE PER BUNCH: $4.50
    PRICE PER CASE: $67.50
    STEMS PER BUNCH:  10 stems
    BUNCHES PER CASE:  15x per Quarter or 30x per Half box
    GRADE:  single grade
    LENGTH: 12-30″ depending on variety and leaf size

    $67.50 Add to cart
  • Lily of the Valley

    Intoxicating fragrance, a few bunches will fill the entire cooler with their scent. These are field grown mature and productive plants, producing long stems and sturdy bells. An early variety is a double petal variety and then the single white. The season usually lasts 3, some years 4, weeks. This is some of the nicest Lily of the Valley we hear frequently. In addition to the flower stems we put 3-5 pieces of foliage as well in each bunch.

    PRICE PER CASE: sold by the individual bunch
    STEMS PER BUNCH:  10 blooming stems and 3-4 foliage stems
    BUNCHES PER CASE:  sold by the individual bunch
    GRADE:  single grade
    LENGTH: 8-10″

    $20.00 Add to cart
  • Ninebark-Diablo

    This is a foliage crop for us even though we start cutting it when the flower buds look like miniature pine cones. Early in the season the foliage is not nearly as dark and is somewhat mottled with green. The two weeks when the plant is in bloom we take a break from cutting and wait until the blossoms are finished as they’ll shatter so easily. The seed pod clusters that come after are beautiful and durable and full of texture and interest. Once we have exhausted all the seeded stems we continue to cut this until early September simply for the rich, deep and dark foliage. The bark on the stems also provides interest as it can be a bit shaggy and two toned.

    PRICE PER CASE: $96.00
    STEMS PER BUNCH:  10-12 stems
    GRADE:  single grade
    LENGTH: 3-4′

    $96.00 Add to cart
  • Ninebark-Golden

    The crew and our customers are always pleased to see Golden Ninebark as it means spring has truly sprung. This foliage has sturdy woody stems, very little to no lateral branching, highly detailed and textured bright chartreuse to golden yellow foliage. It is only around for a few weeks as the breeding of this plant makes it susceptible to sun scorching at which point we don’t cut it anymore.

    STEMS PER BUNCH: 10-12 stems
    GRADE:  single grade
    LENGTH: 3-4′


    $96.00 Add to cart
  • Solomon’s Seal

    Offering a limited supply of the shorter (24″ +/-) variegated Solomon’s Seal; even though this has flowers it is sold as a FOLIAGE CROP not a floral element

    Solomon’s Seal is found growing wild in patches on forest margins. A distinct big plant that when we can find an abundant stand we will harvest for cut material. Sometimes I think of it as Lily of the Valley on steroids as the leaves have that slight blue or dull matte green color and the small bell flowers dangle in a similar way. It is a really cool landscape plant against a fence or wall too. The cultivated variety that we grow as a cut is usually variegated and considerably shorter.

    PRICE PER CASE: $120
    STEMS PER BUNCH:  10 stems
    BUNCHES PER BALE:  20 bunches per case
    GRADE:  cultivated, one grade
    LENGTH: 18-24″ +/-

    $120.00 Add to cart
  • Spirea-Van Houtte

    Over the years we have experimented with numerous varieties of Spirea but find the old farmhouse variety van Houtte is the best and certainly offers the most desired characteristics of this perfect wedding flower: long, cascading trains of clustered white flowers.

    PRICE PER BUNCH:  $10/medium; $13/tall
    PRICE PER CASE: $120/medium; $195/tall
    STEMS PER BUNCH:   7-10/medium; 5/tall
    BUNCHES PER CASE:  12x medium or 15x tall per box
    GRADE:  medium and tall
    LENGTH:  24-30″+ medium; 3-4’+ tall

  • Viburnum-Red Wing

    Even though this variety of Viburnum does at times have some clusters of  berries we grow this specifically as an attractive foliage crop. Upright and tight leaves tinged with a bit of red, nicely branched.

    STEMS PER BUNCH:  7-10
    GRADE:  medium
    LENGTH: 30″

    $90.00 Add to cart
  • Viburnum-Snowball

    We have acres of Snowball Viburnum and we also come on nice and late in the season with it some years even early June weddings are not a problem. We do cut this in the green stage. That being said the plant will keep ripening even in the cooler.  This crop generally starts the second week of Lilac availability. The one thing we dislike about Snowball is when it is ready to cut, it is ALL ready to cut and we have one of our shortest harvest windows of any item we grow….but they sure are beautiful!

    PRICE PER BUNCH: $5.50/consumer bunch; $10.50/medium; $12.50/tall
    PRICE PER CASE: $110/consumer bunch; $157.50/medium; $125/tall
    STEMS PER BUNCH:  4-6/consumer bunch; 7-10 stems for medium; 5 st for the tall
    BUNCHES PER CASE:  20x consumer; 15x medium; 10x tall
    GRADE:  consumer, medium and tall
    LENGTH: 15-20′” consumer; 24-30″+ medium; 3-4′ tall



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